Globe Broadband Internet Service Complaints

Update 2011: All I can do is laugh whenever I get across this post. Things have changed since 2009 and Globe has become much more stable. Davao City, Philippines – I’m currently blogging from the living room just like I always do. But there’s much...

Firefox 3.1 beta 3

Read more about a couple of features that Firefox 3.1 beta 3 has to offer to you, it’s the latest test version of Mozilla’s open source web browser, Firefox,go ahead and use it now!

Google Chrome BETA is out!

Good news for all Google freaks, and all online addicts. Google has invented a new web browser, though it’ still beta. Go, and try out Google Chrome, Google’s Web Browser

Unhappy with FF3

Do you experience the same thing that I do? Firefox 3 appears to have memory leaks. Each time I try to click on history, firefox 3 just totally freezes!