If you’re one of the quite many people who are unhappy with the outcome of Firefox 3,Firefox 3 then this post is for you. I’ve been using Firefox ever since I started surfing the world wide web, and that was years ago. I started testing Firefox 3 since it was in beta 2, and ever since then I had memory leak problems which have not been resolved in its follow-up betas, release candidates and the stable version itself.

I’m forced to use Firefox 2 for the mean time again. I know, I don’t have the fastest computer on the world, nor do I have the slowest. What bothers me most is the fact that with Firefox 2, I do not experience any errors or problems whilst at the other end with Firefox 3, when clicking the History option above, everything freezes, and it can take up to a minute or two for it to refresh again. Annoying huh?

How do you like the new Firefox 3? Are you in favor of it? Or hate it like I do? :p

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