Update 2011: All I can do is laugh whenever I get across this post. Things have changed since 2009 and Globe has become much more stable.

Davao City, Philippines – I’m currently blogging from the living room just like I always do. But there’s much difference from today’s article and the former. My Internet Connection sucks very much right now and major websites like Google, Yahoo, and even Plurk are inaccessible for me. It always shows either a DNS Error, a tcp_error (time out) or whatever error (which doesn’t really matters for as long as I know that there is an error).Globe Broadband

Globe Broadband has always been a nice internet service provider. A hidden falsified statement that I uttered many times before, until this very moment when my patience got stretched to its limit. If it’s not a problem with the router, then it’s with the internet connection itself, if not then there’s a problem with globe. I knew it, that I just could not access the internet a month worry free from problems and issues like this!

Is it time to finally switch away from the Globe Broadband Internet Service Provider? But where should I switch to? The others ain’t be that good either, don’t you think?