SmartBro Wi-Fi had generally, bad reputation ever since all throughout the Archipelago. Complaints on their service and the speed piling up left and right, and here’s another complaint, I’m yet another victim of their awesome cruel speed.

I used to have Globelines Broadband for over a year and had a lot of problems, specifically with my Yahoo! Messenger and with downloading very large files. The speed is exceptional compared to SmartBro, but the problem then was that my connection would always time out every now and then. As on the counterpart, SmartBro does not have such problems, but the download speed really hurts. Imagine how long downloading a gig bit file would take with a speed of 6kb/s? It would take quite a century, wouldn’t it?

Yes, there are a couple of ways to tweak your internet connection with SmartBro, but does it really make sense? When other Internet Service Provider are a lot faster without those tweaks being applied? It would make some sense if those tweaks would be very easy to do, but it takes a little geeky mind and some of your time, and don’t cry if you would get it right!

One thing is clear, once the people who are living below us (we’re on the second floor) are out, I’ll make use of the 3MB Globelines Connection that they’ve left over on a 1 year contract. And well, let’s see then, which is quicker!

Note: I had 1MB Globelines before.