It’s bee quite an buzz around the world wide web, that Google has pulled of their very own web browser, Google Chrome. It opens up a new ball game in the field of Web Browses, challenging established browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer. All of them have their flaws, and so has Google itself. Including Google Chrome which is still a mere beta and lacks a lot of basic features that other browsers have.

It’s not always that what Google does turns out well. (Google Answers, sucked and has been hung). Yet most of the other services their taking on turns out to be pretty well, like YouTube and Feedburner for example. ANd here’s another one, Google Chrome.

If you want to be one of the first millions to try it out, go on and download it. But you may also want to wait for a more stable and feature rich version, if you are very specific about features and efficiency in browsing. It might be fast in loading pages, but well, see for yourself and you’ll see what’s still missing.