I want to invite all of you to start using the Firefox Web Browser and immediately jump into the development process of Firefox 3.1 beta 3, as it’s the most recent preview/beta release of Mozilla. It contains a lot of sneak features that you may have seen on Google’s Google Chrome, including, but is not limited to the addition of a new privacy set up, which lets you browse pages in private.

In this latest beta version of Firefox, the address bar has been update and optimized as well for improved performance and user friendliness for those who have seen its purpose a bit too geeky. We’ve been using Firefox 3.1 beta 3 for a couple of hours now and there’s nothing like it, so far. Everything is very much the same with the other 3.x versions of Firefox, only that this browser seems to be a little bit faster.

For those who are concerned about certain plugins and add-ons, and also themes, you need to wait before major themes, and, add-ons are going to be updated for the final release of Firefox. But that won’t be too far away! Anyways, go ahead and feel free to start using Firefox now!