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Howdy! Welcome to the 2015 redesign/relaunch of Pinoy Teens. It’s been a while since I focused on blogging, but now I’m here, now I’m back. Once again, this is Pinoy Teens. One of Philippines first Youth Blogs.

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Pinoy Teens @ Aliwagwag Falls

Know more about Team Pinoy Teens’ travel to Aliwagwag Falls, Cateel, Davao Oriental.
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Pinoy Teens has been up and running since June 2007. We had our ups and downs, but as of now, we sport the following statistics of having over





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Get all the latest headlines and breaking news from the local and international scene at Pinoy Teens’ News Center.

Sports Blog

Know about the latest scores and updates on your favorite sports teams! We mostly cover the UAAP, football and Basketball.

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Stay updated about the latest technological advancements, hippest gadgets and other tech related content.

Core Values

Responsible Journalism

Our goal is to deliver the best, most accurate and objective point of view on the latest issues and events happening, unless otherwise stated beforehand.

Truthful Reporting

Whatever comes out from our mouth can’t be bought. We can’t be bought. We believe in truthful reporting, hiding from you nothing.

Dynamic Community

We adjust as the tides change. Pinoy Teens will adjust to the changes as they come in order to stay relevant and interesting to our audience.

Pinoy Teens New Media

We are Pinoy Teens, one of Philippine’s first when it comes to entertaining, informative and educative content.

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Student Tips: Budgeting and Saving Money

Money is important. We may try to deny that fact. We may go on and say that “money can’t buy happiness” and so on… but money matters. Without it, you couldn’t acquire your everyday necessities. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to...

Dreaming in Hope (2015)

This poem is a modification of my 2006 creation, dedicated to my girlfriend. All of my dreams may just come true When I can find a girl like you Here you are now, here with me It almost feels like destiny.  All of the things that I will do I do them all cause I love...

Watch Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr Live for Free!

UPDATE: Use SOPCAST! Instructions below! Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. Good vs Evil. The undefeated vs the challenger. Name it what you want. It’s time for one of the most anticipated and top grossing fights – not only of the century, but ever....

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Welcome to Pinoy Teens New Media! I hope you enjoy reading our blog! I look forward to provide more educative, entertaining and informative content for you all.

Georg Kevin

Blogger, Pinoy Teens New Media

Friends of Pinoy Teens

The reason why writing at Pinoy Teen is so much fun is because of the great support I get from my friends and beloved. These are the faces that make me want the best and the most out of Pinoy Teens again.