DOMEX World Toilet Day

It’s a scene typically played out during fiestas: People rushing to the streets, drawn to the sound of a marching band. Everyone is smiling, eager to see the “star” of the celebration. But instead of showing the face of a movie celebrity, a beauty queen or a politician, the video reveals an unlikely, yet welcome […]

2014 PWC Intramural

The Philippine Women’s College of Davao hosts its annual Intramural. Here’s a quick insight on what’s been going on from an I.T Trojan point of view. I’m not quite a good student. I have unecessarily managed to repeat a handful of minors over and over again. Let’s not forget, too, that I even stopped schooling […]

Heroes of Olympus: Blood of Olympus released worldwide

Blood Of Olympus, the fifth book in the Heroes of Olympus Series featuring the adventures of our demigod friends like Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Jason Grace, Nico Di Angelo, Leo Valdez and more, has finally been released worldwide. October 7, 2014 marked the international release of the Blood Of Olympus book. It’s the much awaited […]