Depending on where you reside in the Philippines, you’ve got a number of great options to choose from as your Internet Service Provider. While across the board, internet in the Philippines is still a hit and miss, there’s one clear cut winner for me, based on my experience. And I’ve been around with a number of them. Trust me!

This post is not sponsored nor is Pinoy Teens affiliated with any telco here in the Philippines.

Starting out on Globe Tattoo 1Mbps

Back in the day, I think around the years 2008-2009, I started out with my first DSL broadband ever in the form of a Globe Tattoo line with a speed of 1Mbps for 999PHP. It wasn’t the fastest available at the time, of course not… but it felt extremely fast for me, being someone that came from Dial Up connection.

My out and about lifestyle, and all the events that I would frequent because of being an actively member of the local blogging community meant that I couldn’t take advantage of this internet as much as I would have hoped. After several years of having this connection, and after I moved out of the house to live-in with a then-girlfriend of mine, we cut our line with Globe. I moved on to Mobile Internet instead, and that’s when I’ve had my first Postpaid plan with Smart.

Smart Postpaid around the year 2013-2015 was awesome. It was fast and unlimited to boot. I was sporting an iPhone 5C at the time, along with my little Macbook Air which I would tether to my iPhone when I needed internet. If I remember correctly, my speeds would hover around 20Mbps to 50Mbps. Downloading movies and music was a real breeze for the early days of LTE that we have had at the time. There was one time when I was just taking a bath and upon my return to the room, all the queued movies were already downloaded. Amazing stuff.

Upon renewal of the said line, I managed to get an iPhone SE (OG) along with a worse internet connection though. It wasn’t true unlimited anymore… and the connection was spotty at best. That’s when I decided to move on yet again and return to Globe (and get a Huawei P9 along with it).

Back to Globe Internet

Globe Internet at the time, around 2016, wasn’t the fastest here in Davao. It was consistent, yes, but it wasn’t faaaast. But that’s all that I really needed. A decent speed yet reliable connection.

Come renewal of my Postpaid plan with Globe, and some good fortune with clients that I have had in my freelancing career, I allowed myself to splurge on internet needs two-fold. I got both a Globe at Home Fiber plan priced at 1799 for 20Mbps and upgraded from my Globe 1499 Postpaid to a 3799 Globe Platinum Plan – along with a Galaxy Note 9. The mobile data speed was satisfactory, to say the least. Still, not as fast as I would have hoped for the price tag, but I was safe from a lot of outages that I could have possibly experienced elsewhere. The real gem, however, was in the Fiber internet that I got from home.

Germansion Internet goes 500Mbps

I’ve had such a good experience wit Globe Fiber that my plan which initially started out as 20Mbps got constantly upgraded to a higher tier. 20 turned to 50, to 100, 200… and it’s now at 500Mbps on my 41st billing. And yes, I do reach the speeds frequently, although it’s often a challenge reaching the speeds wirelessly, whenever I am connected via LAN to the modem, I certainly manage to reach those speeds. As for my mobile internet, even though the pandemic hasn’t really allowed me to be out and about lately, I am happy to report that Globe Platinum 5G is excellent. Speeds can reach 600Mbps and more… downloading and updating apps can be done as fast as in the commercials you see of Apple lol

There you have it. As of this writing, Germansion is sporting a 500Mbps connection which allows my family, my partner, and all acquaintances that live her enjoy fast and reliable internet for their online jobs and for leisure. Sure, there are days when there can be slow internet. There was even a time when I consistently had no connection. But that was an isolated case as something was wrong with the cabling from the modem to the outside box. This was fixed quickly by Globe once they identified the problem. It took them a week to fix it all up.

At any rate, if you’re seeking for a good internet connection that doesn’t fiber cut on you every once or twice every month, Globe is definitely the go to solution. Though it’s not really wise that I have put all my eggs in one basket, having both Globe Platinum for my mobile and Globe Platinum Broadband (500Mbps/4999PHP), the value I get out of it in terms of reliability of the connection, the speed, and the customer service is unparalleled.

I guess I have come full circle, starting out with a mere fraction of the speed I have to day.

What’s your experience like with your internet service provider? Do you have good experiences with any particular one? Bad experiences? I would love to hear and read about them in the comments!

If you are interested in getting any of the plans that we have availed from Globe, feel free to check out their Platinum plans or their Globe at Home Fiber plans.

And again, PS: This post is not sponsored. I am paying Globe around 10,000 every month for my mobile and fiber internet.