I think I can count myself quite fortunate that I have never had any sort of negative experience with PLDT and their internet offerings. That is because I’ve never availed any of it. Globe Broadband (or back then, Tattoo) used to be my partner in crime when it comes to accessing the web. Back in the day, we started with a 1Mbps plan priced at 1,000PHP and I thought that was great. After that, I’ve relied on mobile data for a succeeding couple of years due to my nomadic lifestyle.

It wasn’t until I ventured into working more steadily from home that I’ve given a fixed internet line another shot. Aside from the Globe Platinum Plan that I have with them, I decided to acquire another plan with them. I got a 20Mbps line without a contract, about two years and a half ago. And boy, it has been the best internet I have had. I couldn’t relate at all to subscribers of other fixed fiber lines about their downtimes and all. The internet connection provided to me by Globe at Home 20Mbps was so good that it took me only about half a year to upgrade that connection 50Mbps, priced at 2499.

Consistent Internet Connection

Even after the honeymoon period of about a year, my internet is still consistently fast. Sure, there were times when the internet seemed a bit sluggish. I’ve never had it reach a point where I lamented availing of it though. The only time the internet connection was truly off and unresponsive was during the huge blackout that Globe had. I think it may have been last year or the year before. Even my Globe Platinum Relationships Manager at the time had no idea what was going on because she was unable to get in touch with her colleagues in Manila. So yeah, that was pretty much the only major outage that I have experienced. This outage lasted for give or take 6-8 hours.

Because of my positive experience with Globe at Home’s 50Mbps connection, a speed promised to me that I’ve managed to reach frequently, I decided to upgrade once more. I went for a 100Mbps connection late last year priced at 2899PHP if I remember correctly. Since upgrading to 100Mbps, we frequently hover around the 800GB to 1.2TB data usage every month. This includes all people in my household and also my cousin who is living with us downstairs. I hooked them up with an extra router of mine. 

The Germansion Transformation

And now, half a year and COVID-19 later, I decided to upgrade my connection one more time. I just wanted to make sure everyone in our growing household and barkada-based co-working space is getting enough internet for their respective WHF jobs. With my colleague Rigo, his girlfriend Ana Flor, and my other colleague Yen living with us here at the Germansion, I thought that an upgrade was in order just to make sure there’s plenty of bandwidth should all of us be attending a meeting at the same time. Germansion is now sporting a 200Mbps connection right out from my girlfriend’s living room that is spread to my cousin, to a tenant of ours here, and to my friends who are living downstairs at the other house on the lot. All of them are receiving a sufficient amount of the 200Mbps connection thanks to the affordable and rather functional Tenda routers that all 3 are using. 

I could walk around our lot and always find myself connected!

The coverage will further be improved once the 2 TP-Link Mesh devices will arrive. The devices are given freely to me by Globe Fiber. I hope that the internet connection remains as strong as it has always been. If there’s anything for me to nitpick on, it’d be the fact that I am not quite reaching 200Mbps most of the time. I hover around the 180Mbps mark. I do reach the 200Mbps speed every so often though. But hey, what’s truly important for me is that no one is experiencing lag or stutter for their work-related tasks like meetings and presentations. It’s also superb and functional for the times when everyone’s binge-watching on Netflix here. 

I do recommend Globe Fiber at Home to everyone that I come across. I understand that mileage may vary, but I can only recommend a service that I have tried. And yes, this Globe Telecom connection that I have goes years back, not just for the Fiber connection, not just for the Platinum plan that I have, but as far back as a measly 1Mbps connection that’s now come full circle or should I say full throttle with a 200Mbps upgrade.

If you are interested in getting any of the plans that we have availed from Globe, feel free to check out their Platinum plans or their Globe at Home Fiber plans.