It’s no secret that I have always been a huge fan of Globe. It just so happened that in 2013, Smart had the more ideal plan for me to get my first iPhone in the form of an iPhone 5C. Eventually in 2016, after almost a decade of being a Prepaid subscriber and a couple of years of being an LTP (load tipid postpaid) user, I finally got my first proper Globe plan in the form of my 1499 MyLifestyle with Huawei P9.

I have to say, I’ve always been happy with this line. Barely would you see me complain about my experience with it. To be honest, my Globe Postpaid hasn’t been the fastest… but it was the most consistent line I’ve had which has experienced only minimal outages or moments where the internet would totally crap out.

I liked my Globe Postpaid experience so much that I eventually decided to get Broadband connection from Globe. I got the Globe At Home Fiber 50Mbps connection for 2499 per month. And guess what? Yep… No troublesome fiber cut outages of any kind throughout my entire stay with them. Albeit I’m just 6 months in with my fiber connection… It’s great to know that again, my internet has been consistent — and fast too.

With my phones slowly starting to fall apart — my iPhone SE stopped working, I dropped my Huawei P9 Plus head first and the screen broke, I dropped my Huawei Mate 10 and the back is broken too — I suppose it was time to get a new phone. What better way to get a new phone but with my Postpaid plan’s renewal in order to save on the cashout fee?

That’s how my journey into Globe Platinum got started.

With much better purchasing power and financial capacity, I decided to give the Globe Platinum 3799 plan a go.

Comitting to such an expensive MRF (monthly recurring fee, that is) is no joke. You have to carefully plan a bit further into the future to see whether you can sustain the fee and any possible charges that may be added on top of it. And carefully plan I did.

With my 3799 with device plan I get 20GB fast LTE, unlimited calls to Globe, other Globe landlines and local landlines, unlimited text to all network, 1,500 Consumables (more on this in a bit), Lounge Access at Terminal 3 by just showing then Platinum signal on my phone, a Virtual Concierge that answers properly and not just with pre-defined spiels, more perks and benefits that can be found here.

The most important part for me is the phone that I got along with the plan (it’s a Note 9, 128GB) for only 7,200 cashout spread over the 24 months of my contract… as well as the Consumable.

What makes Globe Platinum consumable so great? Thanks to the numerous partnerships Globe has, the consumable can be used to pay for the subscription to Spotify, Netflix, Hooq, NBA Premium and other services.

Which means that right off the bat, I am saving over PHP1,000 money for services that I’d be subscribed to anyways — whether I am Globe platinum or not. I usually get NBA, Spotify and Netflix. Plus! I still have enough consumable (around 300+) left for my excess calls to landlines or other networks.

With that in mind, my plan ends up to “cost” me only 2799… for all the aforementioned benefits, the great service and the great phone at a minimal cashout.

It really boils down on how you manage your plan, what you need.. and what you want out of it. For me, given that most of my connections are local landlines and Globe numbers anyways… Having the 300 consumable is more than enough to get me through a month not to have anything charged on top of my recurring fee.

Having said and shared all of this, I’m looking forward to being a Globe Platinum subscriber and see what benefits await in the future. It feels like yet another circle has come to a close as I have always been a Globe user who is now subscribed to one of their premium plans which just fits perfectly to my needs and lifestyle.

And now we go to the part you guys have looked forward to the most. The contest!

Mechanics :

  • 2 winners of PHP300 Globe Load
  • Winners will be randomly drawn from the pool of participants that have correctly answered all questions.
  • Answer all questions correctly and earn a chance to join the raffle. Answer in the comment section below.
  • Winner will be announced Wednesday, October 10 with the releasing of the cards following right after.
  • Sharing this post on Facebook and tagging the official Pinoy Teens page will earn you an extra entry!
  • This contest is not sponsored by Globe.

The 3 Questions:

  1. What is the internet speed at Pinoy Teens HQ courtesy of Globe at Home Fiber?
  2. What replaces the “Globe” signal when you avail of any Globe Platinum Plan?
  3. What’s the smartphone I got along with my Globe Platinum Plan?