A horrendous experience starting minute one at dusitD2 was capped off by our dog going to the town of heaven alone because the hotel wouldn’t let us go home despite declaring it an emergency because they alleged we haven’t paid. Which we actually did, with proof from our end.

Midweek of last week, I decided to book a quick getaway for me and my girlfriend at dusitD2 Davao. Just the two of us. No monthsary or anniversary as an excuse to get away from the world for 3 days and two nights. It was meant to be some time off, time away fro stressful situations and events that have painted my whole last week.

Arriving at dusitD2, we were greeted by my former Student Council member who is an employee of dusitD2. He is the only light amongst the dull black sky we have witnessed. He tried assuring us that everything is fine and he looked after us as best as he could. No other employee was there to reassure us that the payment problem is going to be fine. And oh yes, there was a problem right from the get-go upon checking in.

Once at the counter, we were first informed that our room wasn’t cleaned and ready yet, and that at around 4PM turning 5PM already, for a supposedly 2PM check-in. Next thing we know when we were called back is that we have not paid yet according to their system. Which we did as per GCash text transaction amounting to over 10,000. Nevertheless, they allowed us to get to our room… but the entire stay, safe for my former colleague, felt like all of them were thinking we were freeloaders with no money to pay – and having not paid at all, so to speak. Heading to the breakfast buffet when we said our room number, the approach and tone has changed a little… especially during the checkout.

We had to checkout in the middle of the our second night because of a family emergency. I called FrontDesk to ask them to facilitate a checkout for me and initially, FrontDesk was happy to help. But once they found out about our room number, the tone of the discussion changed. “Oh, you are the ones that have payment problems. Let me check with finance first before I can release you.” after a wait of 5-10 minutes he came back to us that we still wouldn’t be allowed to leave and that I would first have to email proof of my payment to the hotel FrontDesk – mind you, all this while we had a family emergency to attend to. After sending all the proof that night, which we actually already showed FrontDesk the other day, another 5 minutes have been eaten because I had to check different apps, and go through emails and texts of the transactions. Then he hung up and another wait happened. FrontDesk continued stalling. After 5 minutes, I had enough and tried calling them. For another 5 minutes I tried ringing FrontDesk but no one picked up. Just as we decided to head out and go downstairs did the phone finally ring… and we were told that if we wanted to leave now, we would have to pay (for what we already paid) in cash. I agreed to paying in cash but that if proven wrong after further investigation, I would be asking twice the amount back and further compensation for the stressful experience they have given us. I also reminded FrontDesk, again, that we have an emergency to attend to.

Only after I had a verbal outburst did they agree to let us go – and didn’t want to take our money anymore, probably because they know their system sucks and they didn’t want to pay us double if proven right. (Also, if you check reviews on their Page, this is not the first time this has happened. Other people were in fact double charged, no triple charged even)

And there we were, on our merry way over 40 minutes of our original supposed departure time, because we were hold hostage in our room like criminals for allegedly not paying.

Suffice to say, we didn’t make it back home in time and our dog died. I will stay grounded and realistic here that there would have been a high chance the dog would have died anyways… but thank you and FU dusitD2 for giving us this what if moment, wherein we could have at least made it back before our dog passed away, in our hands. As per my sister who was at home and attending to the ailing dog… His last breath was a fearful cry. Probably looking for me or my girlfriend. And that’s just so sad to think of, that because of an incompetent service and terrible payment system, this had to happen.

With that said, I would not recommend dusitD2 or any Dusit Thani even to anyone who gets to read this. Don’t get me wrong. The place is okay, it’s nothing terrible, the Club House Sandwich I ordered at the Cafe was amazing… but should you run into payment problems like we did, many of the employees will look down on you and think of you as criminals – even having the guts to charge you twice.

No decently looking place can make up for that in my book.