From 20Mbps to 200Mbps – Globe Fiber Review

I think I can count myself quite fortunate that I have never had any sort of negative experience with PLDT and their internet offerings. That is because I've never availed any of it. Globe Broadband (or back then, Tattoo) used to be my partner in crime when it comes...

What is Best for You? Dating Apps or Sites

Advances in technology have changed the way we do things. At the moment, most things are done through the phone, and this has ended up changing the dating scene for good. Nowadays, the concept of dating has changed, and most people tend to meet online. If you are new...

Tips in Coping with the Coronavirus Situation

As of late, I usually share my thoughts on my personal blog which is to be read by a select few - or those who eventually click on the links to the posts if and when I sometimes share them on my rather inactive Facebook pages. However, I think this kind of topic will...

Helpful Tips on Finding Reliable News Apps

Helpful Tips on Finding Reliable News Apps

I have always gotten my news from a couple different news apps, but then I got to thinking about how reliable they really are. So, I started looking into other news apps and how trustworthy or reliable they are, and I came across the list of some of the best news...

9 Apps You’ll Need In University

9 Apps You’ll Need In University

Heading to university is an exciting time! Be ready to meet new life-long friends, get inspired by the community, and fill your brain with knowledge. With these nine apps, you'll be able to keep track of your busy academic and social life, while getting your money and...

How to Stay Safe When Walking Your Dog

How to Stay Safe When Walking Your Dog

Walking your dog is one of the simple pleasures in life; it’s great for both the body and mind of you and your four-legged friend. Walking together not only keeps you fit but also strengthens your bond and gives you time to think and relax as you stroll. ...

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