You might not have heard of a CNC machine before, but if you haven’t, you should know they are rapidly becoming more popular, and more industries and individuals are using them. A CNC machine is essentially a machine that uses numerical control. This is a system where you’re controlling a machining tool using a computer.

You start with a piece of material, and you use a coded numerical instruction via the computer to control what that machine does. No operator is necessary, except for someone to control the computer and maintain it.

The reason why CNC machines are popular and make so much sense for different industries to use is that you can mass-manufacture products with almost no staff. There are also all types of industries that are using CNC machines creatively, so let’s talk about some unusual uses for these machines now.

You Can Use Them for Jewelry Manufacturing

You might choose to purchase a new machine, but many other individuals and companies look into buying used CNC machines. That can save you some cash if you decide you want to buy one of them, or more than one.

Jewelry manufacturers often decide this is the best method for making unique or unusual jewelry. They might use the machine to make rings or necklaces. They may also use them to create brooches, bracelets, or belt heads.

Some clothing companies also use them to make cuff links. You can design some unusual or striking cufflinks and put the machine to work, and before you know it, you have hundreds or even thousands of them ready to sell. You can sell them via a site like Etsy, or you might give them away in grab bags if your company has a presence at a trade show.

You Can Use Them to Make Toys and Toy Components

You also might decide a CNC machine makes sense if you design and create toys for kids or adults. For instance, you can make yoyos with a CNC machine, or you can make figurines or action figures.

You can make various tops and fidget spinners as well. Fidget spinners are all the rage with some individuals who have ADHD or who want to take their minds off of something that’s preoccupying them. 

Toys for adults sell just as well as those for kids, so you might buy a CNC machine if you are trying to get into that market.

You Can Create Various Art Pieces with Them

You can also utilize a CNC machine to create art pieces. The thing that’s so interesting about art you make with a CNC machine is that you can program the machine to create the first one in a sequence. 

Then, you can adjust it slightly and make the next piece a little bit different, and the next one, and so on. When you finish, you will have an entire sequence that looks very interesting when you line them all up next to each other.

For instance, some artists make what they call gear art with CNC machines. The art takes the form of old-fashioned gears that you’d see in a factory. You can make things out of the gears, or you can sell them individually if you can find anyone interested in buying them and decorating their home with them.

You Can Use Them to Create Bookends

You might use your CNC machine if you want to create some stylish bookends. The CNC machine can stamp and cut out bookends in many shapes and using lots of different materials.

You might have some that look like animals, ships, planes, fantasy creatures, or whatever else you think people will buy. You can create the molds and designs yourself, so the bookends you produce don’t look like what anyone else is offering.

You Can Make Hand Tools with Them

Some people have even started using CNC machines if they want to make ornate or fashionable hand tools. If you have a craftsperson in your life and they have a birthday coming up, you might choose to create a hand tool for them that’s different from what you’ll find anywhere else.

You might make a plumb bob or a drill bit set with them. As long as you know how to create the molds, your imagination is all that’s holding you back.

The more you consider it, the more likely you’ll want to buy a CNC machine and start experimenting with it.