God is just beside me

A supposedly inspirational post which ends up to be quite messed up. But still, a couple of nice words regarding God and the plans he has for all of us on earth.

Insight on Love

A post about some insights of love written by a Filipino Teenager, reflecting the Philippine perspective about love and it’s respective insights.

What's hard in saying sorry?

I have posted a interesting topic on my Poetry / Emo Blog wherein you’ll find more about the hard stuff behind the simple word of sorry. Difficult as it appears to be, or as easy at it seams at first. After reading the post I hope that you’ll learn more...

God, stand me by.

Tomorrow, officially, the first day of classes will be starting for all the schools who have not yet started their classes, because of the rainfall yesterday. I was excited for school that time, without knowing that a bunch of people are after me, to get me knocked. I...

Child Sex Slaves

I wrote this two years ago on my original blog… you can still find it there. I just wanted to share it with you guys.. 🙂 Hope you appreciate! ^^, I watched Oprah last night; they were discussing “sex slaves”. And it reminded me on how my dear Philippines is...