Tomorrow, officially, the first day of classes will be starting for all the schools who have not yet started their classes, because of the rainfall yesterday. I was excited for school that time, without knowing that a bunch of people are after me, to get me knocked.

I might have raised a higher tone and a better reputation or personality on the world wide web via this website and several others that I’m contributing to or running by myself; but in real life, I’m the total opposite. This post should actually be a entry to Poetic Notes, but since I doubt that anyone would come to read it there on time, I decided to feature it here, on Pinoy Teens.

According to a friend of mine, namely Alica Kria Amoranto, a 3rd year Junior of The Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai. One of my former classmates and the big rival of mine has texted her, in a unpleasant manner (binastos) and told her that they (they are a lot) will get on me, once they see me in school.

In real life, I’m nothing but a anti social. Not really anti, let’s say I just can’t cope with the live community that’s around me, I find it hard to insert myself to the society I’m interacting in. Especially now where I’m studying at one of the schools that I totally dislike; the Philippine Womens College of Davao, as a Senior Student, finally.

I’ve warned my parents a couple of times already, that a event like this will and will be happening. At first I didn’t fear him at all, because I know that I could stand him, but latter realization made me reflect, and realize. That at my present physical status and appearance, I cannot do anything against him. I’ve lost weight, my pants of last year are to big, my height is almost the same, I’m getting thinner every day. No doubt that I won’t be able to stand him; thus will be a real shame.

The cause of our fight was:
As one day, he’s joined a texting clan, wherein I’m also a member of. With the single and looking status. Coincidentally, I had this other friend (girl) of mine, who was so curious about that guy, I asked her why, and she said that she is her girlfriend.
What would be the next best thing that you would do for a friend? You would tell her that her boyfriend is cheating on her, wouldn’t you? And that’s what I did. Eventually, it’s the 2nd time already that I did so.

I’m doing that not to gain popularity among those girls or to get in favor of them, but just because that is the right thing to do. Hey, what are friends for? Besides, I only have a very few friends on the world, thus I mean real friends who really stand beside you through thick and thin, and she is eventually one among them, until the present.

Now here’s the big problem, the big day is coming up. Wherein I’ve come to face the said guy tomorrow along with his clique. I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to say. I know I am no match and I suppose that a good talk with him won’t lead to anywhere as I can sense his superb anger and furious rage about me.

I feel like I don’t want to enter class tomorrow, but even if I would not attend tomorrow, I cannot escape this event, but may only delay it. 🙁 God, please stand me by, I don’t want to mess things up at the start of the school year already, nor do I want to mess up anytime at all 🙁