In times of trial and defeat, you won’t often have a lot of friends that continue to stick around with you. You are lucky if there is someone among all of them who still stays in approachable company to you. Else, in worst cases, you will be left out from the crowd and may become totally isolated. To who would you turn to now?

Whether you like it or not, you may deny this fact but in reality, you can’t escape it that for a matter of fact; our last stand, our last refuge, our last shelter is the goodness of God. Our father who art in heaven and guides us day in and day out. He is the one who leads us through all odds and endeavors we come along. Sometimes we are up on the top and often, we tend to be dethroned and find ourselves all alone down in the cellar.

In catastrophic cases wherein you play the underdog, and find yourself below the others, we often come to blame a single person, and that is God; for misleading us to a misfortuned path. We come to ask why he did that to us and what could be possible solutions to get out of the deep hole. So am I asking myself, why we often have to undergo such disgraceful moments.

And after a couple of moments of reflecting on this topic, I come to the following realization and point of view which I’d like to share to you. Regardless whether it is your fault that your status in life is not that good, or even if it’s due to the account of someone else. Everything has a rational explanation why things go such way. And that explanation can be found up in the sky, or even beyond it, up to the endless cover of stars.

What I mean, in simple words is, that the reason for all our pain, the decision maker for all these events is God. He sets our path and guides us to fulfill his desired plans for each and everyone of us. Whether he gives us something nice or unpleasant at times, God wants us not to become invincible, but remain as real as possible. Thus making us both feel the beauty and the odds of life.

Don’t loose hope when doors are closing, don’t loose faith when your fate turns upside down. God wants you to be in such emotions, God wants us to be complete and remind us over and over, that we are not perfect and are still very vulnerable. Always remember that…

You did not come to this place by accident, you are exactly where I meant for you to be.