I wrote this two years ago on my original blog… you can still find it there. I just wanted to share it with you guys.. 🙂 Hope you appreciate! ^^,

I watched Oprah last night; they were discussing “sex slaves”. And it reminded me on how my dear Philippines is doing. As I thought that the Philippines was doing alright, considering the peso vs. dollar currency going up and all, she was mentioned as one of the countries where sex traffickers get their produce, she was one among Ecuador, Thailand and many others all over the world. Greatttt…

Girls; young and younger are the devil’s prey. Could you imagine a 5 year old baby being raped for profit? Yes, 5 years old. In a mini-hotel made of grass and hay in a field in the middle of God knows where, where they molest and abuse these young ones; they have curtains made of plastic bags, just so they can have a pinch of privacy while them devils enter their bodies and take away every inch of happiness that lingers in them. I happen to be very fond of children, so why treat them this way? What have they ever done to arouse those sex predators? Heck, what have they ever done to them? The children, from the ages of 16 and below, are being transported from city to city under a bus, in the carriage, yes there, where they keep extra luggage. In trucks, and places you couldn’t think a human would barely fit. Once, a baby was even caught being transported illegally INSIDE a piñata. A piñata for crying out loud! The sad part was, the trafficker caught was a pastor. Damn it, a pastor! How cruel, how inhumane! Who knows who the perverts are now? The line has been crossed. They are pretending to be a man of God now, who else are they pretending to be? The sentence for him was taking away his passport for 10 years. And some time in jail. I think that isn’t even enough. ”I think nothing is enough” as a once sex slave told Oprah, and I agree. Nothing is ever enough, for taking away someone’s dignity and ruining their lives.

I leave you with this thought, hoping that you’ll open your eyes to the truth and do something about it. I’ve done my part, now do yours. It may be opening other’s eyes to this truth, telling somebody with power, or anything! Just do something.