Surely Love is Blind

Love is blind. Girls give just too much to their boyfriends. Think before you act or you will end up whining and hoping for nothing just like many thousand other girls.

School Year Ender Give Away

It has been some time since our last engrande give away. And we’re back, giving free stuff away once again. It’s very easy to join and very easy to win. And price is also just a very easy domain name, read as The contest is simple,...

Harry Potter is Gay Scandal

Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter has been caught kissing another guy and even responding to it. It’s now spread as the Harry Potter Gay Scandal or simply the Harry Potter Scandal

Blog Tip 2: Taking care of Comments

I have told you a little tip in my recent blog tip article which emphasizes the importance of turning your ideas into actions, as valuable ideas are nothing when not pursued, now, we’ll move a step onward and take action by taking care of our blog’s...