Who thought that Harry Potter, or should I say Daniel Radcliffe has a scandal? It’s not really something “leaked” but a clip from him and a host kissing, and well, that host was a guy for **ds sake. My friends don’t know how to react and what to say either but to be shocked and spread[1. Courtesy of my friend Mark.] the rumor which is a verified fact.

The Harry Potter Scandal, after all is now dubbed as the Harry Potter Gay Scandal in which he was seen kissing with a guy during a occasion.Harry Potter Gay The curious fact about it was that he did not evade the kiss, but even engaged into it and went along with the flow and rhythm of the kiss/es. It’s doubted whether he had no choice but to engage into the kiss or it was of freely or barely fun.

It’s displeasing to hear especially for the female Harry Potter fans in the world who were able to see the Gay Scandal of him and the said person involved. Girls are probably wishing to be that guy instead with whom he has shared that juicy kiss. But well, what can we do? But report this incident to you our readers. Enjoy watching the Harry Potter Scandal below and don’t forget to leave your reaction by leaving a comment!

Watch the video.

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