I wonder how I could have been insane enough to blabber right away about someone of my liking. When I did not realize, until this very point that she’s out of her insanity. I’m not flame baiting here, nor will I start flaming at all, but it’s just undeniable that love, for a certain matter blinds the real eyes of ours which we use to see the right path.

I can’t figure how I should get along with these thousands of words on my mind right now, but let me slowly, bit by bit unfold the fury in me and get some piece of crap written down.

I won’t wonder and I won’t argue either, if there are people out there who disagree with me in the saying that Love is Blind, especially those who have a healthy sexual and emotional relationship with their respective partners, for a matter of fact, I’m also in a healthy relationship from both aspects named above right now, and I couldn’t agree more that the statement love is blind is not applicable at all times.Love is Blind

But it remains true for most of the time. And you cannot deny that fact. For those singles reading out there who have had their boyfriends or girlfriends before, I believe that you cannot say anything against it, while those who have found themselves in the arms of their rightly lover right now, by looking at your past, I bet you cannot say anything against it either.

Love, and a romantic relationship can never be assessed on how much you give or how much you get. Nor is it accountable to how much you love your partner or vice versa. It’s not that what matters most when engaging into a relationship, but the bond itself, the understanding of one another, of you and your lover. The respect that you show to each other and the faithfulness and loyalty of both of you.

Asking something that shouldn’t be asked yet, is never love but for certain could be labeled as lust. But since when has lust been love? Well, it’s not written in my history book or those of my friends. I can’t depict the real message that I try to carry over, but I hope you got my point somehow.

Love is blind for sure, but what blinds you isn’t always love, but the dangerous emotions thereafter. Especially girls should take care by handling these feelings sensitively, because you if you don’t, one day you end up with your legs spread and cry the next day whining, “what have I done?!”