Excuse us for the delay of updates in this blog regarding Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010 for we have been really very busy with other things that are of greater importance to us here. Yet, it is just about time that we speak up about the present Teen Edition and leave you a few insider reports straight from the Pinoy Big Brother House Villa and Apartment.

We all know that the Villa and Apartment teens already merged at the Villa house but that’s not the issue to be discussed right now. The topic that I’ll be highlighting in this post is all about Shey Bustamante. Why or why not you should like her and the “true” Shey Bustamante that you’re not seeing on national television day in and day out.

Shey Bustamante – The Protagonist?

No, she’s definitely not the protagonist in the story. If you have been closely following our live updates Facebook page or if you have been watching PBB live stream, you’d quickly realize why Shey is acting sort of embellished towards Tricia. Well, for the benefit of those who do not have the privilege to see our updates or watch live streams, let me give you a few more clearer details and samples below.

It is very apparent that the Apartment itself dislikes Tricia at all costs. The 14/14 possible points in the nomination clearly make a statement that there is something wrong with Tricia’s attitude. From being moody, to being flirty, what-have-you. Even at the second nomination night, she garnered the most votes from the Villa for being very demanding and picky when it comes to the dishes. There’s much more to it, and it’s for a reason why issues like her sexual life have been brought up if you’d take a keener look at this girl’s attitude inside the house and the background of Tricia Santos in the outside world. That would be another story coming right up.

Shey, along with the Villa has her own very reason for hating Tricia, like the mentioned reasons above. But Shey’s hate for Tricia is somewhat special. Some believe that having these two under one roof is one of the “clashes” inside the house and we might not be very from that. Shey has been trying to be nice to Tricia, but probably she noted that Tricia has been very inconsistent with everything that she talks about with her fellow housemates; and she might also just have come to notice that she’s been a very good storyteller (liar) as well. That’s Tricia, we can’t really blame her, but we can’t blame thousands of people in the outside world and dozen of the housemates that hate her as well.

You may have gotten a wrong impression of Shey based on what you have seen on national television. She is not like that, not even close to what you have seen during her confrontation with Tricia. At that point in time, Tricia starts lying, telling stories like she never drank alcoholic beverages, she doesn’t know anything to talk with Shey and the other girls because they always talk about guys, and she has no experiences about guys according to herself that moment. But, have we seen that on TV? No, we haven’t, and I really wonder why.

Shey looked like the bad one because she has been pretty aggressive that moment on TV. But no, it was Tricia who degraded herself and then started the lies (above), and started to cry to get the sympathy of the people, which she probably really got.

Shey = Plastic, so what?

I commend Shey for choosing not to create further confrontations with Tricia anymore. I don’t know how hard it is for you to understand that Shey is 3 years older than the young Tricia. Why should she get into a fight with such a young girl? I know those Pro Tricia’s hate that Shey isn’t really natural when it comes to their bet, but I’m not sure if you’d like her to show to the fellow housemates that she hates her. Because I’m sure she’s not the only one who does.