RMC hosts Traveling Science Fare

Okey okey, I don’t really know whether I should publish a post about this nonsense field trip or not, but I just have to share a couple of words of wisdom regarding the event that kept me away from the computer for the whole day until late evening. Well, no...

36 Hours Day is a hoax.

The rumor that about the 36 hours day and 36 hours darkness for the U.S is a total hoax, since the sun is not up right now (11PM PH Time). But there’s still something with the moon though.

October 17, 36 hours sun light?

A rumor is spreading that on the 17th of October, we will witness a rare phenomenon which is said to be occurring every 2,400 years on our planet earth. That in East the it’ll be 36 hours day in US 36 hours night.

The Scientific Method

I don’t know wether to include it into the Physics division for our Educational Aid sub-category, or just post it under Educational Aid itself or, create a General Science Category for this lesson that I’ll be posting. In this post, I’ll be...