A rumor is spreading throughout the world wide web via emails and web blogs that on the 17th of October, the present living generation of people will come to experience a rare phenomenon which is said to be occurring every 2,400 years on our planet earth.

Besides being widely spread through the Cyber World, text messages are also piling up in my inbox regarding this matter, and a couple of Yahoo! Instant Messages from my readers to post up my point of view about this. Well, from my little search that I have concluded, I strongly have to disagree about the truth of the said phenomenon. There’s simply no rational explanation for this.

To go deeper into detail. Imagine yourself and your friends driving a car, at lets say a speed of 70 km/h. Think of the car suddenly breaking, what would happen to us? One of the two possible reasons to make such phenomenon occur is this one that I’m describing in my given example. There must be someway to slow down the rotation of the earth to let the day stretch 36 hours long and the night 36 hours long for our fellas in the United States, but, don’t you think that it would have a very bad effect to the people? And do you even think that this is possible to happen? Not quite, don’t you think so?

The second possible solution for this would be the angle of rotation of the earth. “Earth revolves itself is at an angle of 23° 27′. Due to that angle, and the spherical shape of the Earth, the light rays from the Sun do not always strike it at the same angle. This means that since the Sun’s rays fall on that area at different angles, someone far away from the equator will observe the Sun rising at different points in the east and setting at different points in the west. The further away from the equator that person is the more different points he will identify for the dawning and closing of the day.” -Stranger 767

Which is which now? Or are both of the given “not so rational” explanations invalid and is this really just a rumor? Well, in a couple of days we’ll come to know about this being a fact or a rumor.