Okey okey, I don’t really know whether I should publish a post about this nonsense field trip or not, but I just have to share a couple of words of wisdom regarding the event that kept me away from the computer for the whole day until late evening. Well, no wonder that the trip was nonsense because it was managed and supervised by the Philippine Women’s College of Davao, who messed up at the very end of a decent field trip which is still not worth the money that I have spent.

The first destination was the Science Centrum, this years Science Centrum or Science Fare, was kindly hosted by the RMC Davao Gymnasium, or the Rizal Memorial College of Davao Gymnasium. The fare was located at the heart of their basketball gym. We arrived there just a couple of minutes later than the students of EMAR, which rendered us useless against the first come first serve policy that was implemented. The other school was able to take full advantage of what was offered by the Traveling Science Centrum. While we at the other hand had to share our time with them after they took full advantage of the opportunity given. After all, I was still able to take a couple of pictures from the fare and it was still quite fun. Yet I really have expected a much more representable and entertaining output. The whole science fare looked much more attractive on television, especially the objects that you could touch and play around with.

Yet there have been a couple of noticeable applications that really caught my attention and are my favorites among the many booths. The first thing that has caught my attention when entering the fare was the World Clock, displaying a lot of clocks showing different times in different time zones of the world. I was able to take a closer look at it! The next thing that has caught my eyes were the two weird satellite thingys, of which one student has to stand on the right one, and the other at the latter one, wherein one of the students had to hold his ear close to it and the other should talk to the thingy. Both thingys were located way apart from each other and it’s really amazing to know that the applications’ description was for real, hearing the person talking at the other end. I won’t list too many applications that have caught my attention so I’ll proceed to the third one which was a definite must-see, which has cost someone more than 20 pesos. The application was called the Gravity Well. If you would put any kind of coin on it, it would keep on rotating rotating and rotating until it’ll reach the midst of the well, which would mean cash for the people who set it up LOL but it’s pretty fun and amazing to see how the coins kept on rolling and rolling, I’ve got a video cut about it, if in case you got curious on what I’ve been talking about.