Grand Star Dreamer

Pinoy Dream Academy 2 goes to an end, and so end the hopes of Bugoy and the other scholars to be the grand star dreamer as Laarni Lozada is the Grand Star Dreamer now!

Hansen Nichols

Do you watch PDA Season 2? Then you might have noticed PDA Scholar Hansen Nichols from California? Do you like this PDA Scholar or not? Let us know!

Pinoy Dream Academy II kick off

I’m not quite on the latest buzz when it comes to television programs especially on local television, because most of the time I’m watching movies on cable channels like Star Movies, Disney Channel and else. But, being a Filipino Site, I’d like to...

PDA is coming your way!

The end of PBB Teen Edition Plus does not means the end of our existence and service to all of you. We will continue keep you updated about the latest happenings in the showbiz world, interesting topics and most importantly, updates about the latest talent/reality...