I’m not quite on the latest buzz when it comes to television programs especially on local television, because most of the time I’m watching movies on cable channels like Star Movies, Disney Channel and else. But, being a Filipino Site, I’d like to tackle Philippines next, most anticipated Reality (talent) show of Abs Cbn, Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2.

I’m currently blogging this post via email since I’m at the internet cafe right now and I’m not home yet. From which we very well can understand that I’m unable to watch the Dream Night right now. So, I’ll leave it up to you to criticize the scholars selected to be part of the academy. Let me know whom you like, whom you dislike, and don’t forget your rational reasons for the event of interest and disinterest in any of the scholars.

I will post profiles of each and everyone of them (who appears appealing to me, and to the majority of the people) on the blog as soon as I get home, a little bit lurking around the web would be needed though prior I can submit a good profile of them.

So, please don’t forget that after you’ve finished reading this particular post, to kindly add a comment below and tell everyone else who’s reading this whom among the scholars you like or dislike and please include the reason if possible. 🙂