Hansen Nicoles or Sen, is one of the PDA Scholars who’s got the most active thread on the ABS CBN Forums. That’s why I’d like to post up a short post about him. He’s a 23 year old man, whose favorite singer is Justin Timberlake.

Born on the 21st of October, coming from California USA. He appears to be a good looking man. Don’t you think that way too girls? Ahm.. I can’t really say a lot about him, that’s why I’d like to ask you to leave some comments and feedbacks about this guy wether you like him or not. I’m unable to drop any line about this guy since I haven’t watch PDA since the dream night because I’m quite busy in school and subscribing for live stream (which I may not make use of) would be just a waste of my 40 US Dollars.

Does he has the material to be the follow-up of Yeng Constantino?