I am speechless this very moment I am taking down notes for this post, I can’t express my grief and burden that I feel when I browsed the net looking for more information that I can add to this article regarding the Mumbai Terrorist Attack. A lot of people have died, the dead count rose up to 160 and may have risen in the past few hours, more than 300 people were injured based on the date the news article that I’ve read was posted.

According to eye-witnesses, the attack was started by English or British Passport holders. If this news is true, then, according to Security Correspondent of BCC News, the attack might have been inspired and coordinated by the al-Qaeda, since it therefore inspires an Islamic Motive.

For those who would like to help the victims of this Terrorist Attack in Mumbai, and therefore live around the Mumbai state in India, maybe this article could help you out.

People from afar, like we, from the Philippines; can help through prayers for peace in India and in the whole world. But can we really see through this attack and may find peace someday? The Mumbai attack opens a totally new perspective towards the war in the Middle East of Asia. India, a country which is so innocent and had nothing to do with the war was hit by this massive attack, and could warn other countries, as well as the Philippines for attacks like this.

The first attack occurred about 9:30 pm at the Cafe Leopold on November 26, 2008. A man was seen firing an AK-47 in the Taj Mahal Palace hotel lobby before fleeing into the kitchen. Another series of injuries was reported when a gunman opened fire at a central train station.

On November 27, a standoff at the Oberoi Hotel continued. A group of about 100 police attempted to rescue four or five foreigners who were being held on the 19th floor. A “loud explosion” was heard and flames were seen.17 The standoff has since ended and only one building, the Taj Hotel, remains under control of the gunmen.