All words in the strike format below are the original words of this post that I will not remove. Let’s say it is sort of a remembrance of what has sparked a plurk wide war between yours truly and one of the organizers of the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2009.

Give me the benefit of the doubt that I raised my curiosity a little bit too early, without properly asking any of the organizers regarding the concerns that I stated in this very post, below. But it won’t change the fact that there have indeed been only 70 shirts printed, as disclosed by someone to me. IF it was indeed the fault of the sponsors, so why worry? I know, I headed into the blogosphere with my post a bit too fast, but you still could have explained it to me nicely so that I could’ve altered my post/s back then to note your answers and maybe totally edit my blog post into something else, something more of your liking.

The summit wasn’t bad, I tell you, I just got disappointed with the three points that I raised, nothing more, nothing less. I didn’t mean to harm anybody, or anyone, but wanted to express my concerns through this blog. Maybe many of us still need to learn more about media ethics, including me of course. But there are some who show no ethics at all.

Clicking on my Google Ads does not justify your anger about the opinion that I had, because I have the right to do so, as much as another organizer had the right to send out a rebuttal.

If you are mad at once post, you react to it, but you don’t hit the person behind the post personally, do you? You can talk about it, instead letting your anger out freely!

Let the issue that has come up be a lesson to all of us to communicate more in the real world. Especially when you have doubts about something, rather than (a.) writing about it on the web immediately (b.) hitting someone personally for a mere little write up.

Don’t act as if you are guilty of what I wrote, as much as I could’ve asked you about the issues that I had, is as much as you could’ve asked and talked to me in a proper manner about the concerns that I had instead of bashing around and clicking my ads.

I admit my mistakes about releasing a post so early. I tried to avoid writing with hate and concentrate on the three questions that I had, I didn’t wrote a foul word in that post, did I? I didn’t mention an individual in the post, did I? If it is really needed I’ll pull down my pride a little bit and say sorry for something that I’m not very sure about.

Mao ning pagbag.o ug papan-aw ninyo sa mindanao? Kung dili mo agree, tirahon dayon ang personalidad sa nagsulat? Kaulaw pud ani para sa Mindanao Bloggers Community. Even if you say that the head of the community is someone you don’t really like, we’re still a blogging community in mindanao, fights like this can happen, and fights like this can also be settled, if both sides dearly want to. Let’s move on and say PEACE 🙂

Words from an licensed and practicing Mindanao information professional: Hi Rob. This one’s from the perspective of a licensed and practicing Mindanao information professional. I guess we all understand that freedom of expression does not permit us to do so (i.e., request for items to be deleted). We also do not condone any such abuses to the freedom of expression. We probably just need to conduct ourselves as conscientious individuals with a clear sense of responsibility over how we express ourselves and our thoughts in cyberspace. Let us heed na lang siguro from the lessons of the past and move on. There are better things to do. Thanks.

This my second attempt to stop this. Don’t let anger overcome you and blind you. (I know you want to eat my words that I just wrote), that’s why nga undangon na nato ning walay kaugmaong away!

Kasabot? Naay na tay tanan na tun-an, unta itake-note nato ang atong natunan ug gamiton sa atong kaugalingon sa sunod. Lesson learned 🙂

Beyond the hardwork that every volunteer and organizing member has put into this event to have it be as flawless and successful as possible, there are certain things that annoy and bug my mind that make me say, that I wasn’t much impressed about this years Mindanao Bloggers Summit, unlike the year before in General Santos. Probably it is just the high expectation that I carried with me from the first Bloggers Summit that I have attended in Mindanao last year that made me feel unsatisfied about this years summit, or it could be the money that I have paid that made my expectations lift high.

I was so excited about the event, and that was for good reason, as this was the first paid Mindanao Bloggers Summit which is currently in its third year, and the press releases promised exciting moments that would satisfy the bloggers crave, I don’t know if you think my expectations are too high, but I haven’t really been asking much, just what the press releases promised and what the organizers behind it promised us.

In one of the press releases that I read about the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 3 in Cagayan de Oro, it stated that there are about 300 people to attend the event. One of the head organizing staff encouraged bloggers in the Mindanao Region to join the summit as this (paid) summit contains many many surprises and memorable moments. That person also stated that all paying bloggers will get home with a little kit, and a shirt along.

The capacity crowd of 300 that was mentioned in the press release eventually fell below a hundred but above seventy, note, seventy. The kits that bloggers received was also not very complete, well, at least not for me.

I know this may put the organizers and fellow CDO bloggers into anger, but I can’t help and think about a few questions that need to be answered to satisfy my curious mind.

  • Why did the press release mentioned 300 bloggers?
  • Why were the kits not complete?
  • And why, have only been (around) 70 shirts provided?

It is not that I am comparing the Summits that I have attended. But there’s this urgency in me to have this question answered. I really don’t like the way they have promoted the event to pursuade more people to attend.

In the days of the old media, let’s say the Radio, Television and the News; people tend to exagge about certain topics and provide false information to persuade the audience.

(Before I proceed), in the new media days, (almost) everything is covered up by nothing but the naked truth as reported by the bloggers themselves. Nothing hidden, no layers behind it, nothing.

If this sort of act goes on, I am worried that the so well-praised new media will fall prey to its ancestor, a medium in which media is used to cover up false information in order to get people interested into something, instead of delivering the real deal.

-palowbat na ang laptop ko- edit ko lang maya.
I hope you get my point.

I am disappointed…