What more can I say? What could I do to ease the burden and lighten the agony of the families and friends of the Maguindanao Massacre victims? Nothing, I think. I’m just no one–just someone who wishes to extend his condolences to all the people victimized in this wide-spread issue that is even frowned upon by different parties around the global sector.

I just hope that this won’t happen again. We’ll never know if this unfortunate even already foreshadows a bloody 2010 elections or if this is going to be the last tragedy to happen while under this dysfunctional government we are in. To my dismay, I do not see a potential halt to all of these crimes happening. Aided by the fact that the mechanisms executed by the current Administration are not really commensurate to the gravity of this recent crime.

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The Palace assures the Filipino populace that the Magunindanao Massacre shall be put under the limelight and will be worked on as hard as possible. But with the way suspects are currently being investigated, I do not think this claim is evident once again.

Izy Mae noted that Vice Mayor Mangudadatu (whose wife is one of the numerous victims of the massacre) was still able to have a final phone call with his wife before she was killed. Despite the latter being a sufficient kind of premise for the assumption that Ampatuan had a hand in the massive killing, Authorities still did not capture suspects for them to be detained and investigated thoroughly. What the Palace has been doing right now is sending representatives to the Ampatuan residence for discussions of matters revolving around the issue. When did discussion about a crime with a suspect become a valid kind of reinforcement for this kind of horrible thing? Outrageous!

What makes everything look sound even more odd is the fact that the Administration and the Ampatuans have been political allies and that the Ampatuans have put in significant contribution to the Administration’s Party in the previous elections.

Let’s give Arroyo the benefit of the doubt and let her follow the rules of due process. But if by any chance some of the keyplayers of the Ampatuans suddenly disappear, then she might be in for trouble and great scrutiny.

I am not saying that the Ampatuans are indeed guilty. I just feel that it is very unjust for the victims and that it leaves people with great skepticism about the credibility and reliability of our government. If they can give special treatments to monsters who took lives of women and journalists without thinking twice, then it is not possible from happening again. Thus, the Filipino people’s society is at high risk.

Let’s all pray for the souls of the victims that they may rest and peace and find the light as they experience the new journey in after life. Let us also hope AND pray that something as tragic as this one won’t be repeated ever again in the history of the Filipino people. For crying out loud, we deserve something way better than this.