Globe, one of the largest mobile networks closed the gates of their Immortal Text Service and leaves millions of subscribers in the dry.

Globe’s Immortal Text doesn’t seem to be that Immortal after all. I could have guessed something like this happening in advance, but the way Globe has advertised it, it looked to be something for real, but it truly isn’t. Globe Immortal Text has been one of the services that has seduced a lot of users from other networks to switch to Globe, including me who was on the rear edge to switch to the Smart Network.

The said service made the users avail of 10 free text to other networks, and 50 globe-to-globe texts with no expiry. Very convenient for the moderate texters, but not really that useful for the extreme ones, though they have another option to choose from, which is also pretty cheap.

It sucks to be cheated this way by Globe, but maybe they didn’t profited from this business model too, which forced them to close the gates of the Immortal World. Sucks also to know that high-profile celebrities like Sarah Geronimo used to be the face on television to promote their texting service. This is the end of yours truly being a Globe User, but if in case Globe changes the mind and opens up again – if this isn’t just a stupid bug in relation to the loading problem that they have had the past couple of days -, it might think the move to other networks over again.

For now, this is it. Enough with crappy advertisements and empty promises from a network that doesn’t only suck in Mobile Services, but with their creepy slow broadband too. (I should be getting a speed of at least 512KBPs but end up with a connection of freaking low 90+KBPs only. With that, PINGS between 500-1000. Not only a stupid connection, but a bitchy cheap quality one too at an expensive price.