Many of my other blog friends have already written about the historic event yet to be, Earth Hour 2009. Where every vote counts for a change of the world. The small idea that started in Australia, in 2007 has now grown into a global election, between the earth and it’s people and global warming. Make wise use of your vote, switch off your lights for an hour this March 28, 2009 from 8:30 PM until 9:30 PM as a sign that you have participated in the global activity.

81 countries are expected to take part in this historic endeavor of the earth and its people. Thousands of households are expected to shut down their electricity for the Earth Hour 2009, but there’s just one catch, just a single catch that I don’t quite get.

While browsing the official earth hour 2009 website, I checked out a few news and announcements that they have published, and also took a look at the page how to take action; and bumped upon a confusing note. “Write a live blog of the event and tag it voteearth or earthhour”.

How could someone possible write a live blog post of the event if electricity is supposed to be shut? Or let’s say businesses out-of-order for an hour? At some point, there might be a few business that need to keep running, the telecommunication networks across the countries, the internet service providers, and yes, there is certainly a internet connection available for that one hour. But are you serious?

Making use of a Laptop or PC, produces light. And that’s still light however aspect you want to look at it, lights should be off for an hour, no blogging, nor nothing, just rendering ourselves to the environment, the peaceful environment without any innovative items which are not of need, but luxury.

The Earth Hour 2009 would be a failure if we would encourage people to make use of resources that produce light and uses electricity. We’re trying to become one against global warming and there should be no exception.

Let me explain further, don’t leave or react yet

Global Warming is caused by our carelessness, we have to admit that. It started with something small, until everyone contributed piece by piece towards global warming until it has reached this far. We shouldn’t leave any exception and don’t make use of our laptops for that hour, how can you say that an household has its lights off when a laptop is running and is producing light?

If we write, then we are doing it for the good of the event, sharing our experiences of the earth hour 2009, but with that, we continue something, that we have never really gotten rid of. Looking at our problem in detail. What do I mean by that? (sorry, I’m really out of words right now)

A single ray of light from your household will make the event non-sense, especially when laptops or pc’s are running which cost a lot of electricity. Keep your lights off, keep your PCs off just for that one hour. And be proud to say that you, yourself have made it over the bump, the temptation of making use of your computer for that very hour and live blogging about it.

We are tasked to fight global warming, and therefore need to fight ourselves and get loose of luxurious items, such as Laptops and PCs for just an hour.  C’mon, those things are not really NEEDED, are they?

**err, I hope you got my point**