in this post, I’ll gonna teach you how to download videos from popular video sites like YouTube for example. If you are a internet explorer user, please click on the blue banner above the blog which says “Get Firefox with Google Toolbar” to switch to firefox now, since only Firefox and Netscape users benefit from this share. And believe me guys, it’s much more faster and safer.

Now back to the topic. There’s this add-on for firefox, which is called Flash Video Resource Downloader. Having this plugin installed will add a little button to your status bar on your browser. Clicking that button will open up a new tab and lead you to their website wherin you simply need to click on Get Video to get the download URL of that video you wish to have locally stored.

For more guidance, I’ve some screenshots below:

The add-on at your Status Bar
(above) After installing the add-on, check your status bar for the button
View a video
Let’s try our Baby, view any video on YouTube and click on the button!
After you clicked the button
After clicking it, it should lead you to the site above
After you clicked get video
After clicking get video (see above) right click and save as. Don’t forget to add .FLV to the file name!

There you have it. THe add-on should work fine for FF 2+ – 3FF 5B

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