Dear Kuya Pepe,

It has been 115 years since your death by firing squad in Bagumbayan. It is the 30th Day of December and the social networking sites are supposed to have a “Rizal Fever” for you today. Well, at least that is what I expect. It’s really funny because some people on Twitter even gave you birthday greetings. When I saw them, though, I found it hard to stop myself from thinking about the thought of choking each of your jolly birthday greeters.

What a morbid remark, I know. I bet that if God would give you a chance to come down here on Earth, you would definitely be surprised of what has become of your pag-asa ng bayan. A lot has changed since you left this world. When the revolution that you sparked ceased, our society’s cancer indeed has become a lot worse. The Spaniards vanished only to leave the country into the hands of new conquerors. At present, we find it hard to stand on our own. I really wish that we could, in a way root ourselves into the culture that we can truly call our own like you did. Sometimes I really put a lot of faith in the thought that if great people like you believe so much in what we can do, then we really can do something for our Inang Bayan. Clearly, my act is not enough. It is also heartbreaking to realize that a lot of us know and care more about Justin Bieber than our genuine cultures and traditions.

What are we ought to do, Kuya Pepe? What do you think keeps us from moving forward? You are needed by your people because it seems that we are confused with our own identity. You are needed to help us solve the dilemma of our true position. We are greatly confused between being parts of the problem or the solution. Again, I would like to wish that we could acquire another one of your admirable skills. I wish that like you, we could dedicate all our actions for the love of our Inang Bayan. You spent so much time away from our shores only to come back here with a better view of the archipelago and with that better view came something that seemed to act like friction that lit up the match of enlightenment, reform, and revolution. Although we know that the key to change lies within ourselves, we still need you to inspire us with your ways and with that, we are more than thankful.

Finally, I would just like to express how grateful we are for all the inspiration that you left for all of us. Although, I expressed all those petty wishes that reflect all the bad things about who we are today, I must say that there is still enough confidence for me to promise you that my generation won’t let you down. I’m not sure if a lot would agree but I believe that for all that our country is worth, we still put efforts to continue what you have ignited and we have your awesomeness to thank you for that.
I wish you a happy death anniversary.

21st Century Young Pinoy