So the news has been continue spreading about the tragedy in Cagayan de Oro and the feedback regarding our follow-up post on the flash flood and feeding program start pouring in via emails and comments. All seeing the event from different interesting aspects which I would like to share to you.

Credit first to the Global Voices Online that has given a little ping back to get the attention of the writing staff regarding a few unread posts which also discuss the disaster of Cagayan de Oro and it’s Misamis Oriental Region. Without them, we may not have bumped into a further detailed discussion narrated by a Mindanaoan located in Imperial Manila who talks about the experiences his fellow father members like mother, father, etc have in Cagayan de Oro.

I wonder myself why the local services and groups are not showing off their support towards their fellow Filipino who struggle right now in the Philippines, particularly the 75,000 evacuees of Northern Mindanao. The local television and the attention of the local media currently lies in other issues, concerning the dead of Erap’s Mother, the increase of Oil Price, and the victims of Gaza, but where is, if any, news about the local disaster that we are having here in our own Country?

The People living in the said, Imperial Manila, appear not to care much, if not, at all about what is happening here in Mindanao, as if they have that twisted mentality which says, “What concerns people in Manila, concerns the whole country.” Which is totally incorrect.

Cagayan de Oro has been struggling for days now, but it’s not only Cagayan de Oro that is facing trouble due to theCDO Flash Flood flash floods but also it’s nearby localities like Iligan, Gingoog, Balingasag, Naawan, El Salvador, Opol, Alubijid, Initao, Manticao, and Tagoloan. Summing a total of more or less 75,000 affected people.

It’s as if the people in the Philippines are more concerned and feel more grief about the victims in Gaza, rather than their own brothers and sisters in their Mother Land, it’s really good to know that at least, there are a few hands that still wish to help without any exchange expected, unlike some politicians; who are trying to gain publicity in showing their so-called support towards the victims. Fake smiles, a few goods; that’s heck not enough for 75,000 people.

CDO Flash Flood causes from a Religious point of View

Which has really caught my attention was a comment left by one of my readers in regards to this issue where he/she states one of the ten commandments: “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me”. Why did that reader of mine come to such a commandment?

The explanation goes like this. Cagayan de Oro City hosted the Black Nazarene a few days back, which was actually just a few hours before the rain started pouring over the Cagayan de Oro and the cities nearby. And according to the one who has left a response regarding the issue on my blog post, he says that, that could have been the very reason for the rain and the flash flood. ’cause, it’s as if you’re worshiping another God, the Black Nazarene is not Jesus, by the name itself the two differ, and it’s like the people of the Church are putting more faith into the said-t0-be miraculous Nazarene than into the ones whom we should really put our faith into, God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit. (well, that’s what I understand based on his comment).

While from my classmates point of view (Jonathan who has played the guy role in the Peace Role Play).

“For me, he’s not interfering with the earth because we have been given the freedom that were responsible for our own consequences, maybe in very rare occasions, why does a hosti turns into a heart shaped blood in a catholic church where statues are being worshiped?”

All of us see the event from different angles and perspectives, but after all, we’re facing the common problem, more than 75,000 misplaced brothers and sisters of ours are still out there with their future a bit unsure. Even my Uncle has joined the discussion with fellow family members a while ago about the Cagayan de Oro Flash Flood and the reasons and causes of the Flash Flood in Misamis and Cagayan.

One of my uncles is contradicting the statement that one of the readers threw in relating to the Black Nazarene, because, “if there would really be a God, if there is really someone who rules above the earth, hence he has done a lot of things wrong. Why are there young people that suffer from Cancer? Why are there Children that die on Leukemia? Doesn’t God have mercy on them?” A statement that is very common to the one that blogging friend Patrik has thrown in.

CDO Flash Flood causes in Scientific and Rational Explanation

It is a interesting topic to debate upon whether it has any relation to any religious personnel, but of course, the inpatient ones will always move to the rational side of things. Like for example Illegal Logging in the Cagayan de Oro region which contributed to the flash flood, and the soft soil that is present in Cagayan which made the place very muddy and may also be a cause to the natural disaster. But whatever the cause may be, there’s one thing that we will always gonna go back to, and that is the people who stand at the side of the victims after the event.

As far as my knowledge is concerned the only people who are really trying to help out by heart are the CDO Bloggers which are headed by the Feeding Program of Chiq Montes. But what about the other organizations? The help from Politicians, parties, and their like?

Last Words by yours truly…

C’mon people, Manila, Philippines. Look at your own country before you take a glance of the happenings in the world. Gaza’s problems can wait, serve your neighbors first, before reaching out to others.