A while ago, screened on prime time television was the hearing-like session of the remaining housemates and their fella who have been evicted already. Everyone seemed to stand strong on their words, but there was something with Beauty, that Rona has brought up to public.

The heat started right as she sat down on the chair, and got hammered by question after question of Rona’s Mother, Mommy Rose.

Bakit lagi mong ninonominate ang anak ko at sinasabi mong plastic pa ito?

Dahil she’s so good, and I just can’t read her character.

Dahilan na ba yan para inonominate sya? At plastic ba talaga sya?

No, she’s not.. I don’t know.. It’s just that I cannot read her character..

Nung ma-evict ba ako, masaya ka ba?

Oo, dahil ako nalang ang magrerepresenta sa Dumaguete

Alam mo, you are very inconsistent with your answers, plastic ka. Sa tingin mo, marami ka bang mapahanga na kabataang pinoy sa mga dahilang yan?

Disclaimer: The words do not represent the “exact” thoughts that the housemates where expressing, as I am trying to post up all that I can remember, saw and heard during the primetime telecast.

Will anyone support Beauty still? Rona got a good point. Eventhough she’s the remaining survivor from Dumaguete, will she be supported? Or denied?