In todays PBBTEP Edition on Prime Time Television, the sizzling part for me was the segment where Beauty has offered a sacrifice of her own. She wants her Mom to leave, instead of the Mother of her fellow housemate and Visayan Countrymen Nicole Uysiuseng.

After keen analysis and during the advertisement session, me, my mom and my bestfriend who was accompanying us have discussed that matter. From our thought, we don’t believe that she is really willing to let her mother pass the competition. It’s really something that we cannot accept at all, honestly! What we are thinking is, she’s just doing that to be fame inside the house and have a positive outlook towards her fellow housemates. Why? Because the finals are nearing, the big night is knocking on the door about 3 weeks and a half from now. She needs all positive oughts from her housemates, in order to not get nominated. Because having her on the nomination throne next week, could mean that she’ll be evicted, or if not, this week already.

What is your opinion? Do you agree with our thoughts? We’ve also noticed that she was still struggling herself to make that decision. Well, is money really worth more than love? According to her recent statement, that is what we have deduced from it, and well.. She’s really a hell of plastic inside the house.