Criselda Volks Video Scandal – Pinay Sexy Scandal

I’m sorry to inform you but you won’t be able to find any scandal of Criselda Volks, nor from any other Pinay Sexy Actress via this website. This post has been created with the intention to get the attention of everyone and let all of you know that, she has already admitted her mistake and she’s down to her knees already, why would you still care to see the video, and then keep the trashtalk going?

She’s a human just like we are, she made a mistake and I believe she’ll do got for it again sooner or later. Don’t blame her for what she did, it was just a file that leaked of which was supposed to be a personal video. Stop the flame baits and stop looking for that yucky, stupid video.

Kapwa Pinoy natin yan pinaghusgaan natin, diba? If we’d continue pull each other down, who will stand up for us?

I know, you find this nonsense and invaluable but hey, I hope that you understand my point.

Ones again, no scandal, no sex video, no porn to be seen here. If in case you’re really such a bastard, go on and continue looking.

  • Daizel

    Hehe. Good luck with the good deed that you try to implement with this post, also good luck with the traffic. Uso topic na toh eh!

    Daizels last blog post..daizel shares My BF’s post about HATING BLOGSPOT

  • Barako Brew

    Yes, I agree. We shouldn’t judge her. Masama mang-husga.

    …. Pagnasaan na lang, puwede pa rin ba? πŸ˜‰

  • Miah

    atik2… waaahhh… ayus ang traffic nkuha mo w/ this post ha…

    Miahs last blog post..Mindanao Bloggers on Sun Star’s Headline News

  • Lynn

    there is one? i haven’t even heard of it. oh well, i’m not at all interested in those porn videos anyway. men are the ones who love it most. lol.

  • Kevin Paquet

    @Lynn – that’s how I came up with the idea to bring out this post πŸ˜€

  • Kevin Paquet

    @Miah – ssshhh ayawg saba.. hehe

  • Pastilan

    Oh, I’m tired of these so-called scandals. One of my hard drives is filled with this kind of trash, gigabytes and gigabytes of it, hundreds of these so-called scandal videos from all over the Philippines down to Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. I got the Criselda V. video and it looks like the other videos of its kind. Criselda is a human being who badly needs attention, making one of those vids is a good way to get fifteen minutes of attention these days.

    Pastilans last blog post..The Gadget Advisor

  • Jason

    I don’t blame her, I really think she’s innocent. hehe

    Jasons last blog post..Obama vs McCain on using New Media

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  • Kevin Paquet

    @Jason – good that you decide to think that way, a lot do otherwise :)

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  • ed israel

    that will be fine, but what is your intention having Criselda Volks as a teaser, to have more traffic to your blog…I must say you also have some bad motives here. Why not just take out ‘Criselda Volks’ in your headliner, that will suppress the curiosity there..

  • mobster

    ako merong copy ng scandal niya.. gusto ninyo? hehheheh

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  • gwapo

    ok yan si criselda, maraming nakaraos dito sa kanya sa abroad, sana si angel locsin o si marian rivera, para mas ok

  • Aji

    kaye quin? cute ha!

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  • mike

    oh great… not another attention whore

  • Xin

    hehe..i knew this was a blog spot..said so i the address before i clicked it..=)

    good to know that there are still people like you around bro..

    about what you said about us pulling each other down..well what can i say..a lot of people seek attention and the only thing they know how to get it is guess what?..
    “pull somebody” down..=)

    most people love this kind of thing specifically the D***ED “RUMORMONGERS” whom upon which have nothing better to do with their F***ED UP LIVES!..

    But what the heck..
    we can’t change the damage done..=)
    keep it up bro..=)


    i don’t like porn “BUT!” i ain’t a “FAG” too..LOL..

  • Millionaire Acts

    This is such a nice SEO tactic that puts it to one of your top kewords for this blog. Keep it up SEO Wright. :)

  • Home affiliate

    This is a dirty tactic since you should be giving your audience what they search for on search engines. Where is the value here?

    • kevinpaquet

      Ever thought that this is a TEEN site? You didn't get the message, do you?

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  •,revver, Aliguin

    Hahahaha,,,,, sigoru ang saya n?

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