I’m sorry to inform you but you won’t be able to find any scandal of Criselda Volks, nor from any other Pinay Sexy Actress via this website. This post has been created with the intention to get the attention of everyone and let all of you know that, she has already admitted her mistake and she’s down to her knees already, why would you still care to see the video, and then keep the trashtalk going?

She’s a human just like we are, she made a mistake and I believe she’ll do got for it again sooner or later. Don’t blame her for what she did, it was just a file that leaked of which was supposed to be a personal video. Stop the flame baits and stop looking for that yucky, stupid video.

Kapwa Pinoy natin yan pinaghusgaan natin, diba? If we’d continue pull each other down, who will stand up for us?

I know, you find this nonsense and invaluable but hey, I hope that you understand my point.

Ones again, no scandal, no sex video, no porn to be seen here. If in case you’re really such a bastard, go on and continue looking.

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