This coming November will be the South East Asian Youth Engagement Summit in K.L. Read what kind of change Filipino Teens want for South East Asia and their country.

A while ago, I received an email from someone who is working for the South East Asian Youth Movement. Being a teen site, of which objective has been to promote change in the Filipino Youth, we’re proudly to inform you that we’re supporting the said event, and are encouraging all of you to take part in this coming South East Asian Youth Engagement summit to be held this coming November.

The objective might not show, but Pinoy Teens has always been the site with the objective to promote change to the Filipino Youth, while at the same time providing entertainment and topics in line with the interest of the Filipino Youth. It has been much entertainment these past weeks, so, along with the YES 2009 summit, we’ll be emphasizing the real essence of our existence and strengthen our promotion for change in the Philippines and in the South East Asian Youth Community.

We at Pinoy Teens look forward to a youth that is enlightened by the mistakes that our elderly citizen have committed, so that we won’t repeat them. We aim to have every children in South East Asia to be educated. We hope that peace will finally enter the hearts of every citizen of our region. Personally, I’d like to be enlightened by the mistakes of others. I want to live a simple life, having less so that more people can have more. I want to live a life that makes other people live their lives more easier.

What kind of change do you want for your country? For yourself? For South East Asia?
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