The love tandem of Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz extends for another movie to hit the big screen this month of Love. You Changed My Life, the sequel to the very successful debut movie of Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz as a love team, A Very Special Love. The upcoming movie is predicted to do even a greater mark in the box office field and should bring in twice as much as A Very Special Love has “unexpectedly” brought it. You Changed My Life will debut on February 25 in Cinema’s nationwide.

A lot of people have been anticipating Sarah Geronimo’s first kiss in A Very Special Love but only got disappointed, this might be just the very chance where you will see her kissing someone, and if there would be a kiss in You Changed My Life, then it would be John Lloyd Cruz.

YOU CHANGED MY LIFE to change Sarah Geronimo’s Career?

The hailed box office queen by her fans, Sara Geronimo seems to be in great shape and is at a very high point of her career, and with You Changed My Life Movie probably topping all of her recent achievements. We will post a thorough review and other updates as You Changed My Life  movie starts screening on February 25.

What are you expecting to see in the movie? Share with us your thoughts about You Changed My Life and we will include it either in the movie preview or review post.

UPDATE: Watch the You Changed My Life Movie Trailer teaser here.