Model and Actor Dingdong Dantes from the GMA network gets exposure again, this time via the popular Yes! Magazine Company. The Yes! Life Stories Magazine will be the first bookazine that Yes! has ever published, and it is kicking off with one of the said to be sexiest and hottest guys on earth, Dingdong Dantes.

While most of the content of this release will be in relation to the said matinee Idol, Dingdong Dantes covers Yes! Life Stories as well on the front page. and aside from the image that you see right atop of the content that is said to contain much of his personal and private realities, from his deepest dreams to his darkest fantasies. Dingdong left a little warning for everyone up to buy it which goes:Dingdong Dantes Yes! Magazine Cover Image

“If you’re not ready to handle my truth…then don’t turn the page.”

Moving on, besides the stories about him, the book will also include pictures of Dingdong Dantes shoot by ace photographers Jay Tablante, Lon Liwen and their likes. These images shall then be divided into four segments. I’ll stop right here to avoid spoiling you too much.

Go ahead, grab a copy of the maiden release of Dingdong Dantes featured in Yes! Life Stories!