Did you know that Yahoo! has got a few new features, specifically in the field of web mails? I believe, you all good know about gmail and @gmail.com email adds. I’ve got quite a lot of questions hammering me with emails that I should write up a post to notify everyone of the new yahoo mail feature that has been introduce lately.

Whilst a lot of people feel satisfied about @yahoo.com, a lot feel unhappy. So do I. And for the favor of a lot of people, yahoo introduced @ymail.com and @rocketmail.com email address along with the typical @yahoo.com ones. So, while the new emails are available, go and grab your name now, before someone else does!

Well, if I would’ve still be one of those who is using Yahoo’s Email service, I’d definitely go and switch my accounts to their @ymail versions, but instead, I’m making use of Google’s GMAIL, which appears to be a lot better from performance to the tiniest aspect that I could think of. Less ads, more convenient, more efficient.