Automattic WordPress’ gave birth to the first Release Candidate of its 2.7 series. It took them quite some time to get everything wrapped up and it has taken a lot of beta testing in between. The output in WordPress 2.7 was yet again a decision made by the majority of the WordPress Users who have shared their thoughts, ideas and suggestions to make WordPress better and ended up with WordPress 2.7 Release Candidate 1 which includes over 200 commits since the beta 3 release of WordPress.

We’ve been anticipating the official release candidate 1 for a long time already, and now it’s here, ready to be eaten up by all of you!

This latest release of WordPress includes a lot of new features that WordPress 2.7 has promised, let’s say for example, the Threaded Commenting which needs a bit of modification to the Comment Template of the themes, Comment Pagination which is also in the need of a tweak in the Comment Template.

Another huge successfull change that WordPress has made is the new UI that comes along with WordPress 2.7, giving WordPress that customizable and personalized kick, enabling you to drop and drag items on your write panel, and removing the ones that you find annoying or unuseful. So does it also apply to the Administration Dashboard. Kevin has helped one of his Friends to upgrade to WordPress RC 1, and you could be the next one too.

How do you like the new dashboard?