Just recently, I figured out that Comment Threading is not enabled on this blog, and that Paged Comment is also no where visible here. After a couple of minutes of tinkering what could have been wrong, I noticed a couple of new WordPress News Flash on my other blog’s 2.5 dashboard. And the notices go like this.

Making your Theme’s Comment Template 2.7 Compatible. It’s one of the toughest tasks to do for someone like me who does not loves playing around with either the CSS or with the Comment Template that I recently fixed from a couple of errors that came up when I edited it. And now, I have to dig down the codes and prepare for another couple of hours of edit to make things right for 2.7, since this blog runs on 2.7.

*after 2 hours of downtime later*

So, let me continue this post. I have tried what a reader of Weblogtoolscollection.com has tried, but I literally failed with it. Looks like I have to find myself comfortable using the Comment Remix Plugin for the mean time.

As you noticed in the text above which is contained in the asterisks, I had a 2 hour down time again across all my blogs and have almost bought another domain mapping on WordPress.Com for my Poetry Site which I really want to continue. But time just doesn’t allow me to, especially these unpleasant events.

To make some sense out of all these complaints and rants in this post, here are a few links that could aid you in making your theme compatible with the new WordPress Comment Template and the features it brings like Comment Paging, Comment Threading and even more.