The long wait is over, WordPress 2.7 is finally come to us WordPress.Org users as a advanced Christmas present! Like Lorelle has mentioned, it’s pretty much recommended that all of you will upgrade to this latest and very stable release of WordPress 2.7, don’t fear that your blog would break or anything, join the many who have already upgraded, tried and tested, and love WordPress 2.7 and it’s totally awesome features.

I am one of those who have to admit to have witnessed how disappointing the first beta version of WordPress 2.7 was a few months back. Yet, I’m also one of the many who are so happy to have this WordPress 2.7 finally come out. It has passed three betas and two Release Candidates, launched on WordPress.Com before it finally hit the WordPress.Org Users.

Maybe there are some few people who are feeling annoyed about this frequently updating WordPress, but a post from blogger Justin may enlighten you and come to the realization that all these changes aren’t bad at all, and are actually pretty nice and useful. After all, you won’t have to manually upgrade your blog with 2.7 onward, since it’s now a built in feature for you to enjoy.

Speaking about all the different features that WordPress 2.7 is bringing, two of them have been mentioned by Mark Jaquith already 🙂 Before I keep bragging about WordPress, I have to upgrade all my 2.6.5 and 2.7. RC 2 blogs to the latest 🙂 You should do as well!