Just a few hours after the release of WordPress 2.6, we went over to the official site and downloaded this latest release. All our major websites and affiliates are now running this version to ensure that the system stays intact and secure at all times.

WordPress 2.6 is something that has been highly anticipated by Pinoy Teens Online, following it ever since the beta 1 release, beta 2, beta 3, RC1 and now the stable version. So far, we’ve not encountered any bug, and those couple of plugins that appeared incompatible or causing an error on our 2.6 beta installation have been patched up with by the respective plugin authors as they updated them, including blog metrics.

Upon the release of WordPress 2.6, things went for the better for us in many aspects. We’ve hit the 200k line of Alexa and are running within our targeted zone. The comment volume increased rapidly (we’ve also been commenting on other blogs, so this is quiet no wonder why, but still..), traffic wise we are hitting now a stable 1,400 visitors a day increasing day by day a little bit more and more.

Yet, the latest check on our traffic stats brought us some sad news, our Reach in Alexa decreased rapidly, and suddenly; as we disappeared from the top 100,000 if we take it reach wise. But with all the rain, there’s always the sun to shine afterward. As we’ve been nominated (actually Kevin nominated us) for the blog idol (correct me if I’m wrong) week 3, which will be in the coming week. Whilst he managed to get is into the competition, me, yours truly Princess will take care with the campaign to safely deliver us to victory!

Another update on the dish.. The server load has decreased, a lot of plugins have been sacrificed on our blogs but well, it’s for the common good of our network anyway. Since, even the SUPER CACHE System was unable to handle the recent increase of traffic (not on this blog alone) that we’ve been experiencing.

Well, so far so good I would say. Tingnan natin what will happen sa susunod na mga araw sa Pinoy Teens^^,)