It’s been some time again since I last updated this very blog of mine, or any blog for that matter. But I’ve been sort of forced to come up with a new write up this very moment just like most, if not all WordCamp Attendees may have already done so. It has been about a half year back when I fevered about WordCamp Philippines 2010 already, but I’ve left it just by that. And here I come again.

WordCamp. The mini-WordCamp in Davao last 2008 was the first WordCamp that I have ever attended as a blogger and was my first of many blogging adventures yet. It was during this special occasion when I learned about other top bloggers of Davao City, Lyle Santos, Ria Jose and the likes. It was then when I slowly showed my face to the blogging community as the mastermind behind the Pinoy Teens Online which has, since then declined in popularity immensely, but that is not what matters now. t’was one of the life changing events that I’ll never forget. And here I am, attending the same affair for the second time out of three. And for the second time at the De La Salle College of Saint Benilde.

A lot has changed since then.

Some say, I ain’t a blogger anymore because I haven’t been updating my blogs that often. Some say that I’m just on hibernation and need to strive hard to get back into blogging. There might be a few who still remember the young kid from Davao who attended WordCamp Philippines in 2008 all the way in Manila, but the chances are very low that some do, aside from the bloggers that are already close to me. This WordCamp is something very special, and probably more special than the primer may have been to me. All that because the circumstances these days differ immensely from how they have been two years back on my very first blogging venture in Metro Manila.

I ain’t that new blogger next door anymore, but somehow belong to the old-school folks of the Philippine Blogging Community, and so does my Pinoy Teens Online. I am part of the Volunteer Staff now, sharing what I know about WordPress as a WordPress Ninja this coming Saturday. I’m accompanying Mark, one of the big bucks makers from Davao who is looking ahead to his first WordCamp in about 18 hours from now. (12 noon as I write). This ain’t his first event that he has been to, but all WordCamps are special, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be of notable importance to him as a improving WordPress User. Say, in a year or two, he’ll be one of the volunteers, too, as we will guide a younger batch of bloggers to follow suit and jump in our footsteps.

There’s much more that I wish to tackle in this post, but before I spoil you about this epic adventure we’re having here early on on a Friday noon, I’m gonna leave you with this post and keep you updated in the coming hours, or maybe days if I’ll lose this interest in blogging yet again. 🙂

Special Thanks to Glaiza Mae Dizon for being our navigator-through-text for leading us to SM Manila out of the slumo at Edsa.