It isn’t easy to choose the right people to lead our country, I tell you. Well, but it isn’t really right to go for Villar to lead us.

Everything can be done with the power of money. It is not a secret to all of us that Manny Villar is just another Filipino Billionaire. But this time with a different path, a path which not many tried to surpass, the road from an average Filipino to someone who is “known”, “rich”, and powerful to say. Senator Manny Villar really stands tall and proud among the few Filipinos who excelled despite the fact that all odds stood up against them.

But, do you think that, that is reason enough to vote for him to lead our country? Do you think that the “help” that he is offering is forever, and that it is right to “give” money to the people instead of showing people “how to get to money”? I’m not very sure if Villar’s ideal Philippines is anyhow close to what I have on mind. But basing everything on the advertisements, it is clear to see that his target are the poor Filipinos, and the OFWs. Pretty neat business if you ask me. If you can turn the OWFs to your side, then the people they leave behind in the Philippines are going to automatically be yours.

I know Filipinos are not that dumb. But desperate situations often require desperate measurements. Of course, someone as rich as Villar running for Presidency would be the ideal solution for our small time problems. Like rice for a couple of days, weeks, or huh, months; but that would seriously be it.

I’m not saying that he should stop offering his hard-earned money to the people. But I’m not suggesting that that’s good either. Like I have said above, we need a leader that teaches us to earn money, and not someone who will baby sit a whole nation of half lazy and half working people. We can’t deny that many of us are lazy, there are thousands of those who know not better but drink and drink and drink. A bit money out of the pocket and their votes are yours.

Improving our nation requires effort from both ends, the people and the leaders, and that is something that not everyone wants to know about. As most are just hoping for a cool President to come along and safe us from everything bad. Nah, nah, nah, that’s not gonna help you Philippines.

Let advertisements not blind you, and even if the upcoming sentences ain’t that true. Personally, any president will do. As long as he or she has never been involved into issues about money.