There is a handful of people that think about bloggers in a seemingly odd way. People who believe that we’ve got nothing better to do but sit behind the monitor and publish article after article, post after post. Just us, isolated from the “real world” and even the “cyber world”, if that’s how you want to call it. Of course, there are people who think about bloggers as creatures who master social networking and networking with people in general. I can’t say which of the two is the most applicable to us, because we’re eventually both, and it’s nice and sweet when there are times that we leave our nest and engage with the real world.

A few believe that bonding in the real world makes no sense, won’t earn you a thing and won’t provide any benefit at all. Well, that is one thing that is arguably a bit far fetched and probably false, indeed. Why?!, most may ask me, well, I may not directly defend otherwise, but leave you with a few points why bloggers should bond.

  1. To confirm that you’re still a human being after countless hours sitting in front of your Laptop or PC, you might eventually look like one by then.
  2. Discuss matters that relate to blogging, you can learn from each other and eventually help each other out.
  3. To check whether you can still speak aside the fact that you can write (fairly well, since you’re a blogger *a bit common sense*)
  4. Talk about issues that do not relate to your blogs, as this is very vital and healthy, magsawa kayo kaka-blog talk, promise!
  5. Feed your the human characteristics of “needing to socialize” with people

The idea of this post is a a bit far sighted and is the result of a healthy discussion I had with other bloggers from my (Davao) Area. But I really think that it is nice to meet up with bloggers every now and then and talk about a variety of things that you ain’t be talking about in the cyber world.

What other reasons could you think about why bloggers should bond with each other every now and then?